The Holden cottage on Priscilla Road was built by Albert C. Holden, father of current owner Stanley Holden. In 1950 Albert bought the lot for $500. For a cottage, he dismantled a one-room camp off the side of Airport Hill in Worcester overlooking Coes Pond. He redesigned it into a three-room cottage and loaded the bits and pieces onto a small trailer and carted it to Nauset Heights that summer.
Albert, who’s hobby was woodturning also made all of the wooden furniture, the beds, and the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is finished in knotty pine. Much of the lumber in the cottage Albert helped fell and cart out of the woods in Sterling, MA. He had the wood sawed into shape to form the windows, studs, and other lumber that went into adding two 9×7 bedrooms to the original 15×17 room that serves as a combination kitchen nook and living room.
The cottage is just a short walk to Priscilla beach. If you look closely you will see pear cactus growing along the edge of the driveway.