On October 11, 1941, Catherine Halladay Croll purchased 95 Nauset Heights Road, a property located on the edge of the bluff overlooking Nauset Harbor, the outer beach, and the Atlantic Ocean.  Barnstable County records indicate the two-bedroom one-bath Craftsman-style cottage was built around 1918.

On December 11, 1941  (four days after Pearl Harbor) architect’s plans arrived.  In less than six months, the little house was transformed into a 5 bedroom, 2 bath structure.

The house was inherited by Barbara Croll Burling in 1961 and is currently enjoyed by third and fourth generation family members.

Built-in the California bungalow style, the cottage features deep bracketed eaves, Eight over one window, and relatively high ceilings.  Nausetscape was fully winterized in 2002.