Like it must have felt for those going to visit The Great Gatsby, as you walk up the elegant driveway you know this party is going to be something special. On your left, a ten-foot hedge, solid and trimmed to perfection. On your right, a tennis court only professionals dream about. You notice the small vineyard pointing towards the ocean and every stone and every blade of grass is in place.

When you reach the house after approaching from the South West, you can’t help but pause for a moment to absorb the 220-degree view of the Atlantic which embraces you. Rolling across the lawn you hear the faint sounds of Calypso music and steel drums and chatter of old acquaintances renewing their bonds. Children running barefoot and young ladies in their bright summer dresses decorate the foreground. The tables are set with white chairs placed strategically and tents for oysters and clams, beer and wine, and a variety of delightful food dishes. People are swooping in and out like seagulls with a prize catch.

Rabbits previously peacefully nibbling on grass give way and allow this group to share in the delight of such a beautiful place. There are roars of laughter coming from somewhere and soft, happy, muffled conversations all around. The air is cool and the light breeze is refreshing and a pleasant green color surrounds you like you are in the middle of a Monet painting.

Two hours pass quickly and new friendships are made and old ones are renewed. We all feel rejuvenated and reconnected. Tomorrow will be ordinary, but today will live on in memory and in history as something very special.

Two by two, and still enthralled in conversation, we slowly make our way across the lawn heading South West. Behind us, the faint smell of perfume lingers for a bit longer and eventually gives way to a salty ocean fragrance and the rabbits reclaim their space.

A very special “Thank You” to Pat and Jim Tyng for hosting this year’s Lawn Party and sharing their magnificent property.

–Jess Tucker