The Nauset Heights Association’s Environmental Committee, lead by Bill Dunham, is pleased to announce that a Storm Water Drain System at Priscilla Town Landing has been approved and is immediately moving forward.

Multiple drainage systems will be put in along Priscilla Road, including prior to the landing area. In addition, a new drain pipe will be tied into the new systems in the event of an overflow. Work will begin shortly and the project is due to be complete this year.

Many thanks to Bill Dunham for his perseverance and tenacity in helping make this 10-year effort a reality.

RE: 2001-2011 Proposed Storm Water Drain System for Priscilla Town Landing
Nauset Heights Environmental Committee and Town of Orleans
Chair- William P. Dunham, Jr.

June 3, 2011 Update

The Nauset Heights Association’s Environmental Committee has worked with various officials of Orleans installing a Storm Water Drain System at our Priscilla Town Landing.

This spring it has been “now” fully approved and moving forward to the environmental health of Priscilla Town Landing at the tip of Nauset Heights.

This has taken more turns than the Kentucky Derby or the Monaco Grand Prix but the “foundation” of preserving our local natural resource for swimming, fishing, clamming, and boating has endured.

Mark Budnick, Manager of the Orleans Highway Department (and his predecessor) and John Kelly, Town Administrator have been key officials in this process. In addition, Harbor Master Dawson Farber IV, The Conservation Commission and the Board of Selectmen.

Orleans receives 75% construction reimbursement (and 100% design reimbursement) from a grant through the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) Federal Agency for the work on Priscilla Road along with drainage improvements on Barley Neck Road, River Road, Gilman Lane and Quanset Road as part of the ARRA assisted Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project. The remaining funding is through the Town’s Water Quality Article. The low bid for Priscilla came in at $116,510.00.

The contract for construction is being administered by GHD Inc. of Hyannis to provide engineering services (design, permitting, construction administration and grant reporting). We hope to have their Project Manager, Russ Kleekamp, speak at one of our future NHA Meetings along with some Orleans Officials.

Multiple drainage systems will be put in along Priscilla Road, including prior to the landing area; in addition a new drain pipe will be tied into the new systems in the event of an overflow. These systems will capture runoff, treat and infiltrate stormwater that presently goes into an open pipe that dumps untreated stormwater on the beach. While sand now serves as a natural filter, it is agreed this is not adequate insurance for the safety of the beach area. The new drainage infrastructure is designed for the lst inch of stormwater runoff from the particular drainage area.

Stormwater that flows via the outfall should be of lesser volume and cleaner as the systems upgradient will be connected to the outfall via a new drain pipe, thus allowing sediments to settle and water to infiltrate prior to reaching the outfall end point. WE ALL need to be aware that although the system is an improvement, we may still face challenges in times of large storms as the NRCS funded project is only designed to capture the 1st inch of runoff. WE HAVE been told, “the outfall may still discharge during large events when the drainage systems surcharge.”

Maintenance of the system will be by the Orleans Highway Department. It has an agreement with NRCS to have appropriations to maintain it for a minimum of 50 years.

The operational time table calls for its bid, drainage improvement and temporary paving should be complete by 6/18/11; final paving 11/11/2011. NO work will be allowed from 5/26/11 through 5/31/11 (Memorial Day Weekend) and from 6/18/11 through 9/6/11; however schedule delays may push this work further into June than expected. No restrictions for resident access or for others (lobstermen) are planned.

As part of the original plan, it has been hoped all of Priscilla would be repaved due to this project work and current condition of the road (bumpy!) This would add cost. The Highway Department hopes to pay the difference if the contractor were to overlay the entire road. This is undetermined at this time.

Respectfully submitted by William P. Dunham, Jr.
Chair, Nauset Heights Association Environmental Committee 6.3.11