As published in the Cape Cod Times today, Terry Thalman of Nauset Heights Road captured a bear on video as he wandered through his yard in the middle of the night on June 1st. The bear assumed to be the same one spotted on the upper Cape and recently in Orleans, seems to be on the move and visiting a number of neighborhoods. Recently, the bear has been spotted in Kent’s Point in Orleans.

Additional Sighting
Marilyn Tropsa of Rabbit Run was home last Friday afternoon when the bear opened her garbage and strew it around her garage, driveway, and grass. It also broke a hummingbird feeder, and dumped over a bag of nails; all of which she reported to the Police. Clearly, the bear (or bears) had been roaming around Nauset Heights that afternoon and evening.

Note: as of Tuesday, June 5th, at least one bear has been spotted in Wellfleet.