This summer has had its share of wildlife spotted in and around Nauset Heights. A bear in June, and then multiple shark sightings, normally reserved for Chatham, throughout the summer. Now add a big cat to that list.

The couple that spotted the big cat gave this account:

My wife encountered a large cat, mountain lion or cougar based on pictures seen online and her experience living in San Diego. It happened this morning (Sunday, August 19) at around 7:30 a.m. while my wife Angela was walking our 35 lb. dog Hunter at the location below (sand portion of Aspinet/Cliff Road). They stared each other down for a minute or so and then the cat took off into the scrub behind the houses. I really wish she had her camera. It was much larger then our 35 lb. dog, maybe around 70 lbs. We did look for tracks but were unsuccessful. We did call The Orleans PD but they didn’t seem too interested but did take our name and number.