Written by Dick and Elena Rowson

Dear Alden Road neighbors:

We wish to raise with you the need to improve Alden Road between Doane Way and the intersection with Iyanough Road and to report on what we with two of our neighbors are doing, come Spring.

First: On entering from Doane Way (we still know it by its proper name from years past) one must maneuver passage through big puddles (following a rainfall), which are large, ungainly potholes any other time. We urge owners along that stretch of Alden Road to get together and fill in these over-size depressions and cover the roadway with rock as we are doing further down Alden, — just as soon as the ground thaws. We would be happy to coordinate your effort with ours to save on costs.

Second: For your information, last year, we as part of the installation of a new drainage system for our property at 15 Alden Road, widened and “graded” the road up to the Iyanough Road intersection, at our own expense, so as to provide better passage and visibility for walkers, cyclists, cars and delivery vehicles — and for the annual Nauset Heights Run.

Third: This spring, we with our neighbors the Johnsons and Longsworth/Hornes, are joining together to preserve last year’s effort.by adding a rock cover to protect the roadbed. Some years back, Elena and I shared in the cost of improvement of the stretch of Alden Road fronting the Pilgrim Cottage Condominium. We would be happy to pitch in again to “re-rock” that part of the road whenever it may be deemed necessary by our Pilgrim Cottage neighbors.

So, we return to our first point: What we need to complete the reconstruction of the Alden Road is an improvement in the short stretch of the road (100′ or so) extending from Doane Way to the Pilgrim Cottages. We believe this is required for the passage of emergency as well as our own vehicles. We appeal to those living adjacent to that portion of Alden Road to join together as we have so as to provide themselves and other residents a good roadway from Doane Way down to the Iyanough intersection.

Finally, we suggest posting 10-15 mph speed limit signs at key points along this stretch of Alden, which along with the rock cover on the road would discourage fast-moving vehicles

We have lived at 15 Alden Road for 48 summers and love this part of Nauset Heights and our neighbors. We hope that each of us can assume a fair portion of the responsibility for maintaining a private road we all use.