Weather for Nauset Bluff

Nauset Heights Bluff Weather
Temperature: 40.3 F
Humidity: 20%
Wind: From the North at 31.0 mph Gusting to 52.0 mph
Sunrise: 06:41am
Sunset: 06:53pm
Forecast: Sunny this morning, then becoming mostly cloudy. Highs in the upper 30s. North winds around 5 mph, becoming northeast this afternoon.
CAUTION: Report data above is not current due to power outage.
Report data is approximately 187.1 hours old.


Tides for Nauset Harbor

All tide predictions are approximate – use at your own risk – tides at Nauset Inlet are approximately 30 minutes after these readings. Tides in Nauset Harbor, in front of the bluff, are approximately 90 minutes after these readings.

DateFirst TideSecond TideThird TideFourth TideFifth Tide
Mon, Mar 19th6.5 ft at 01:44am-0.3 ft at 08:13am6.6 ft at 02:05pm-0.2 ft at 08:32pm(none)
Tue, Mar 20th6.7 ft at 02:24am-0.3 ft at 08:55am6.6 ft at 02:47pm-0.2 ft at 09:12pm(none)
Today6.8 ft at 03:06am-0.3 ft at 09:39am6.4 ft at 03:33pm0.0 ft at 09:56pm(none)
Thu, Mar 22nd6.8 ft at 03:50am-0.3 ft at 10:29am6.2 ft at 04:23pm0.2 ft at 10:46pm(none)
Fri, Mar 23rd6.7 ft at 04:40am-0.2 ft at 11:23am6.0 ft at 05:17pm0.4 ft at 11:40pm(none)
Sat, Mar 24th6.6 ft at 05:34am-0.0 ft at 12:23pm5.8 ft at 06:15pm(none)(none)
Sun, Mar 25th0.5 ft at 12:40am6.5 ft at 06:34am0.0 ft at 01:27pm5.7 ft at 07:17pm(none)
Mon, Mar 26th0.6 ft at 01:46am6.5 ft at 07:38am-0.1 ft at 02:31pm5.7 ft at 08:23pm(none)
Tue, Mar 27th0.4 ft at 02:52am6.5 ft at 08:44am-0.2 ft at 03:35pm5.9 ft at 09:27pm(none)
Wed, Mar 28th0.2 ft at 03:54am6.6 ft at 09:48am-0.4 ft at 04:33pm6.2 ft at 10:27pm(none)
Thu, Mar 29th-0.2 ft at 04:52am6.7 ft at 10:48am-0.6 ft at 05:27pm6.5 ft at 11:23pm(none)
Fri, Mar 30th-0.5 ft at 05:48am6.8 ft at 11:42am-0.7 ft at 06:15pm(none)(none)
Sat, Mar 31st6.7 ft at 12:11am-0.7 ft at 06:38am6.9 ft at 12:32pm-0.7 ft at 07:01pm(none)
Sun, Apr 1st6.8 ft at 12:57am-0.7 ft at 07:26am6.8 ft at 01:20pm-0.6 ft at 07:47pm(none)
Mon, Apr 2nd6.9 ft at 01:39am-0.7 ft at 08:12am6.6 ft at 02:04pm-0.3 ft at 08:29pm(none)
Tue, Apr 3rd6.8 ft at 02:21am-0.5 ft at 08:56am6.4 ft at 02:48pm-0.0 ft at 09:13pm(none)
Wed, Apr 4th6.6 ft at 03:03am-0.3 ft at 09:42am6.1 ft at 03:34pm0.3 ft at 09:57pm(none)
Thu, Apr 5th6.4 ft at 03:47am0.1 ft at 10:30am5.8 ft at 04:20pm0.7 ft at 10:43pm(none)
Fri, Apr 6th6.1 ft at 04:33am0.4 ft at 11:20am5.5 ft at 05:08pm1.0 ft at 11:33pm(none)
Sat, Apr 7th5.9 ft at 05:21am0.6 ft at 12:12pm5.2 ft at 06:00pm(none)(none)
Sun, Apr 8th1.2 ft at 12:27am5.7 ft at 06:13am0.8 ft at 01:08pm5.1 ft at 06:56pm(none)
Mon, Apr 9th1.3 ft at 01:25am5.6 ft at 07:11am0.9 ft at 02:06pm5.1 ft at 07:52pm(none)
Tue, Apr 10th1.3 ft at 02:23am5.5 ft at 08:07am0.8 ft at 03:02pm5.2 ft at 08:48pm(none)
Wed, Apr 11th1.1 ft at 03:19am5.6 ft at 09:03am0.7 ft at 03:52pm5.4 ft at 09:40pm(none)
Thu, Apr 12th0.9 ft at 04:09am5.8 ft at 09:55am0.5 ft at 04:38pm5.7 ft at 10:26pm(none)
Fri, Apr 13th0.6 ft at 04:57am6.0 ft at 10:43am0.3 ft at 05:20pm6.0 ft at 11:10pm(none)
Sat, Apr 14th0.2 ft at 05:39am6.3 ft at 11:29am0.1 ft at 06:00pm6.4 ft at 11:52pm(none)
Sun, Apr 15th-0.1 ft at 06:23am6.4 ft at 12:13pm-0.1 ft at 06:40pm(none)(none)
Mon, Apr 16th6.7 ft at 12:32am-0.4 ft at 07:05am6.6 ft at 12:57pm-0.2 ft at 07:22pm(none)
Tue, Apr 17th7.0 ft at 01:12am-0.6 ft at 07:47am6.7 ft at 01:41pm-0.2 ft at 08:04pm(none)
Wed, Apr 18th7.1 ft at 01:56am-0.7 ft at 08:33am6.6 ft at 02:27pm-0.2 ft at 08:48pm(none)
Thu, Apr 19th7.2 ft at 02:40am-0.7 ft at 09:21am6.5 ft at 03:15pm-0.0 ft at 09:36pm(none)
Fri, Apr 20th7.2 ft at 03:30am-0.6 ft at 10:11am6.3 ft at 04:07pm0.2 ft at 10:28pm(none)
Sat, Apr 21st7.0 ft at 04:22am-0.4 ft at 11:07am6.1 ft at 05:03pm0.4 ft at 11:24pm(none)
Sun, Apr 22nd6.8 ft at 05:18am-0.2 ft at 12:07pm6.0 ft at 06:03pm(none)(none)
Mon, Apr 23rd0.5 ft at 12:28am6.6 ft at 06:20am-0.1 ft at 01:09pm5.9 ft at 07:05pm(none)
Tue, Apr 24th0.6 ft at 01:32am6.4 ft at 07:24am-0.1 ft at 02:13pm5.9 ft at 08:11pm(none)
Wed, Apr 25th0.4 ft at 02:38am6.3 ft at 08:30am-0.1 ft at 03:15pm6.1 ft at 09:13pm(none)
Thu, Apr 26th0.2 ft at 03:42am6.3 ft at 09:34am-0.2 ft at 04:13pm6.3 ft at 10:11pm(none)
Fri, Apr 27th-0.1 ft at 04:40am6.4 ft at 10:34am-0.3 ft at 05:05pm6.5 ft at 11:03pm(none)
Sat, Apr 28th-0.3 ft at 05:32am6.4 ft at 11:28am-0.3 ft at 05:53pm6.7 ft at 11:49pm(none)
Sun, Apr 29th-0.5 ft at 06:22am6.4 ft at 12:16pm-0.2 ft at 06:39pm(none)(none)
Mon, Apr 30th6.8 ft at 12:31am-0.5 ft at 07:08am6.3 ft at 01:00pm-0.1 ft at 07:21pm(none)
Tue, May 1st6.8 ft at 01:13am-0.5 ft at 07:50am6.2 ft at 01:42pm0.1 ft at 08:03pm(none)
Wed, May 2nd6.7 ft at 01:53am-0.4 ft at 08:34am6.1 ft at 02:24pm0.4 ft at 08:45pm(none)
Thu, May 3rd6.6 ft at 02:33am-0.2 ft at 09:16am5.9 ft at 03:06pm0.6 ft at 09:27pm(none)
Fri, May 4th6.4 ft at 03:15am0.1 ft at 10:00am5.7 ft at 03:50pm0.9 ft at 10:13pm(none)
Sat, May 5th6.2 ft at 03:59am0.4 ft at 10:46am5.5 ft at 04:38pm1.1 ft at 10:59pm(none)
Sun, May 6th6.0 ft at 04:47am0.6 ft at 11:36am5.4 ft at 05:26pm1.3 ft at 11:51pm(none)
Mon, May 7th5.8 ft at 05:37am0.8 ft at 12:28pm5.3 ft at 06:18pm(none)(none)
Tue, May 8th1.3 ft at 12:45am5.7 ft at 06:31am0.8 ft at 01:20pm5.3 ft at 07:10pm(none)
Wed, May 9th1.3 ft at 01:41am5.6 ft at 07:25am0.8 ft at 02:14pm5.4 ft at 08:04pm(none)
Thu, May 10th1.1 ft at 02:37am5.7 ft at 08:21am0.7 ft at 03:04pm5.7 ft at 08:54pm(none)
Fri, May 11th0.9 ft at 03:29am5.8 ft at 09:13am0.6 ft at 03:52pm6.0 ft at 09:42pm(none)
Sat, May 12th0.5 ft at 04:19am6.0 ft at 10:05am0.4 ft at 04:38pm6.4 ft at 10:28pm(none)
Sun, May 13th0.1 ft at 05:05am6.2 ft at 10:53am0.2 ft at 05:22pm6.7 ft at 11:14pm(none)
Mon, May 14th-0.3 ft at 05:51am6.4 ft at 11:41am-0.0 ft at 06:06pm7.1 ft at 11:58pm(none)
Tue, May 15th-0.6 ft at 06:37am6.6 ft at 12:29pm-0.2 ft at 06:52pm(none)(none)
Wed, May 16th7.3 ft at 12:44am-0.8 ft at 07:25am6.6 ft at 01:17pm-0.2 ft at 07:38pm(none)
Thu, May 17th7.5 ft at 01:30am-1.0 ft at 08:13am6.7 ft at 02:07pm-0.2 ft at 08:26pm(none)
Fri, May 18th7.5 ft at 02:20am-1.0 ft at 09:03am6.6 ft at 02:59pm-0.1 ft at 09:18pm(none)
Sat, May 19th7.4 ft at 03:12am-0.8 ft at 09:57am6.4 ft at 03:53pm0.1 ft at 10:12pm(none)
Sun, May 20th7.2 ft at 04:06am-0.6 ft at 10:51am6.3 ft at 04:49pm0.3 ft at 11:12pm(none)
Mon, May 21st6.9 ft at 05:04am-0.4 ft at 11:51am6.2 ft at 05:49pm(none)(none)
Tue, May 22nd0.4 ft at 12:14am6.6 ft at 06:06am-0.2 ft at 12:51pm6.1 ft at 06:51pm(none)
Wed, May 23rd0.4 ft at 01:18am6.3 ft at 07:10am-0.1 ft at 01:53pm6.1 ft at 07:53pm(none)
Thu, May 24th0.4 ft at 02:24am6.1 ft at 08:14am0.0 ft at 02:53pm6.2 ft at 08:53pm(none)
Fri, May 25th0.2 ft at 03:26am6.0 ft at 09:18am0.1 ft at 03:49pm6.4 ft at 09:49pm(none)
Sat, May 26th0.0 ft at 04:24am6.0 ft at 10:16am0.1 ft at 04:41pm6.5 ft at 10:39pm(none)
Sun, May 27th-0.2 ft at 05:16am6.0 ft at 11:08am0.2 ft at 05:29pm6.6 ft at 11:25pm(none)
Mon, May 28th-0.3 ft at 06:04am5.9 ft at 11:56am0.3 ft at 06:13pm(none)(none)
Tue, May 29th6.6 ft at 12:07am-0.3 ft at 06:48am5.9 ft at 12:40pm0.4 ft at 06:57pm(none)
Wed, May 30th6.6 ft at 12:47am-0.3 ft at 07:30am5.9 ft at 01:20pm0.5 ft at 07:37pm(none)
Thu, May 31st6.6 ft at 01:25am-0.2 ft at 08:12am5.8 ft at 02:02pm0.6 ft at 08:19pm(none)
Fri, Jun 1st6.5 ft at 02:05am-0.0 ft at 08:52am5.7 ft at 02:42pm0.8 ft at 09:01pm(none)
Sat, Jun 2nd6.4 ft at 02:47am0.1 ft at 09:34am5.7 ft at 03:24pm0.9 ft at 09:43pm(none)
Sun, Jun 3rd6.3 ft at 03:31am0.3 ft at 10:18am5.6 ft at 04:08pm1.1 ft at 10:29pm(none)
Mon, Jun 4th6.1 ft at 04:17am0.5 ft at 11:02am5.5 ft at 04:54pm1.2 ft at 11:17pm(none)
Tue, Jun 5th6.0 ft at 05:03am0.6 ft at 11:48am5.5 ft at 05:42pm(none)(none)
Wed, Jun 6th1.2 ft at 12:07am5.8 ft at 05:53am0.7 ft at 12:38pm5.6 ft at 06:30pm(none)
Thu, Jun 7th1.2 ft at 01:01am5.7 ft at 06:45am0.7 ft at 01:28pm5.7 ft at 07:20pm(none)
Fri, Jun 8th1.0 ft at 01:55am5.7 ft at 07:39am0.7 ft at 02:18pm6.0 ft at 08:10pm(none)
Sat, Jun 9th0.8 ft at 02:49am5.8 ft at 08:33am0.6 ft at 03:08pm6.3 ft at 09:00pm(none)
Sun, Jun 10th0.4 ft at 03:41am5.9 ft at 09:27am0.4 ft at 03:56pm6.6 ft at 09:50pm(none)
Mon, Jun 11th0.0 ft at 04:33am6.1 ft at 10:19am0.2 ft at 04:46pm7.0 ft at 10:38pm(none)
Tue, Jun 12th-0.4 ft at 05:23am6.3 ft at 11:13am0.0 ft at 05:36pm7.3 ft at 11:28pm(none)
Wed, Jun 13th-0.8 ft at 06:13am6.5 ft at 12:05pm-0.2 ft at 06:24pm(none)(none)
Thu, Jun 14th7.6 ft at 12:18am-1.0 ft at 07:03am6.6 ft at 12:57pm-0.3 ft at 07:16pm(none)
Fri, Jun 15th7.7 ft at 01:10am-1.2 ft at 07:55am6.7 ft at 01:49pm-0.3 ft at 08:08pm(none)
Sat, Jun 16th7.7 ft at 02:02am-1.2 ft at 08:47am6.7 ft at 02:43pm-0.2 ft at 09:00pm(none)
Sun, Jun 17th7.5 ft at 02:56am-1.0 ft at 09:39am6.6 ft at 03:37pm-0.1 ft at 09:56pm(none)
Mon, Jun 18th7.3 ft at 03:52am-0.8 ft at 10:35am6.5 ft at 04:33pm0.0 ft at 10:56pm(none)
Tue, Jun 19th6.9 ft at 04:50am-0.6 ft at 11:31am6.4 ft at 05:31pm0.2 ft at 11:56pm(none)
Wed, Jun 20th6.6 ft at 05:50am-0.3 ft at 12:29pm6.3 ft at 06:31pm(none)(none)
Thu, Jun 21st0.3 ft at 01:00am6.2 ft at 06:52am-0.0 ft at 01:29pm6.3 ft at 07:29pm(none)
Fri, Jun 22nd0.3 ft at 02:04am5.9 ft at 07:54am0.2 ft at 02:27pm6.3 ft at 08:27pm(none)
Sat, Jun 23rd0.2 ft at 03:06am5.7 ft at 08:56am0.3 ft at 03:23pm6.3 ft at 09:23pm(none)
Sun, Jun 24th0.1 ft at 04:04am5.6 ft at 09:54am0.4 ft at 04:15pm6.3 ft at 10:13pm(none)
Mon, Jun 25th0.0 ft at 04:56am5.6 ft at 10:48am0.5 ft at 05:05pm6.4 ft at 10:59pm(none)
Tue, Jun 26th-0.0 ft at 05:44am5.6 ft at 11:36am0.6 ft at 05:49pm6.4 ft at 11:41pm(none)
Wed, Jun 27th-0.1 ft at 06:28am5.6 ft at 12:18pm0.6 ft at 06:33pm(none)(none)
Thu, Jun 28th6.4 ft at 12:23am-0.1 ft at 07:10am5.6 ft at 12:58pm0.7 ft at 07:13pm(none)
Fri, Jun 29th6.5 ft at 01:03am-0.0 ft at 07:50am5.6 ft at 01:38pm0.7 ft at 07:55pm(none)
Sat, Jun 30th6.4 ft at 01:43am0.0 ft at 08:28am5.7 ft at 02:18pm0.8 ft at 08:35pm(none)
Sun, Jul 1st6.4 ft at 02:23am0.1 ft at 09:08am5.7 ft at 02:58pm0.8 ft at 09:17pm(none)
Mon, Jul 2nd6.3 ft at 03:05am0.2 ft at 09:48am5.7 ft at 03:40pm0.9 ft at 09:59pm(none)
Tue, Jul 3rd6.2 ft at 03:47am0.3 ft at 10:30am5.7 ft at 04:22pm1.0 ft at 10:45pm(none)
Wed, Jul 4th6.1 ft at 04:33am0.5 ft at 11:12am5.8 ft at 05:06pm1.0 ft at 11:33pm(none)
Thu, Jul 5th5.9 ft at 05:19am0.5 ft at 11:56am5.9 ft at 05:52pm(none)(none)
Fri, Jul 6th1.0 ft at 12:23am5.8 ft at 06:09am0.6 ft at 12:44pm6.0 ft at 06:40pm(none)
Sat, Jul 7th0.8 ft at 01:15am5.8 ft at 07:03am0.6 ft at 01:34pm6.2 ft at 07:30pm(none)
Sun, Jul 8th0.6 ft at 02:11am5.8 ft at 07:57am0.6 ft at 02:28pm6.5 ft at 08:22pm(none)
Mon, Jul 9th0.3 ft at 03:07am5.9 ft at 08:53am0.4 ft at 03:20pm6.8 ft at 09:16pm(none)
Tue, Jul 10th-0.1 ft at 04:03am6.0 ft at 09:49am0.2 ft at 04:14pm7.1 ft at 10:08pm(none)
Wed, Jul 11th-0.5 ft at 04:57am6.2 ft at 10:47am0.0 ft at 05:08pm7.4 ft at 11:02pm(none)
Thu, Jul 12th-0.8 ft at 05:51am6.4 ft at 11:41am-0.2 ft at 06:02pm7.6 ft at 11:58pm(none)
Fri, Jul 13th-1.1 ft at 06:43am6.6 ft at 12:37pm-0.4 ft at 06:56pm(none)(none)
Sat, Jul 14th7.7 ft at 12:52am-1.2 ft at 07:35am6.7 ft at 01:31pm-0.5 ft at 07:50pm(none)
Sun, Jul 15th7.7 ft at 01:46am-1.2 ft at 08:27am6.8 ft at 02:25pm-0.5 ft at 08:44pm(none)
Mon, Jul 16th7.6 ft at 02:40am-1.1 ft at 09:21am6.8 ft at 03:19pm-0.4 ft at 09:40pm(none)
Tue, Jul 17th7.3 ft at 03:34am-0.9 ft at 10:13am6.7 ft at 04:13pm-0.2 ft at 10:36pm(none)
Wed, Jul 18th6.9 ft at 04:30am-0.5 ft at 11:07am6.6 ft at 05:07pm-0.0 ft at 11:36pm(none)
Thu, Jul 19th6.4 ft at 05:28am-0.2 ft at 12:03pm6.4 ft at 06:03pm(none)(none)
Fri, Jul 20th0.2 ft at 12:36am6.0 ft at 06:28am0.2 ft at 12:59pm6.3 ft at 06:59pm(none)
Sat, Jul 21st0.3 ft at 01:38am5.7 ft at 07:28am0.4 ft at 01:57pm(none)(none)