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Solar Panels on Nauset Heights

Our neighbors, Ed Koplos and Joan Corcoran, were featured in a State-sponsored video about solar panels on homes in Massachusetts.

Nauset Shipwreck Photos

View photos of the resurfacing of the Montclair

Holiday Decoration Contest

Nauset Beach Poem

Nauset Heights Movie Night

Praise for the August 2011 Movie Night

Nauset Heights Lawn Party

A report of the 2011 Nauset Heights Lawn Party

Alden Road Post-Improvements

See photos of Alden Road since its latest update.

Improving Alden Road

Dear Alden Road neighbors: We wish to raise with you the need to improve Alden Road between Doane Way and the intersection with Yvanough Road and to report on what we with two of our neighbors are doing, come Spring.

1974 Rescue at Nauset Inlet

During hurricane season I am always reminded of a scary incident that took place during a storm in 1974. It taught me a good lesson about how fierce Nauset Inlet can be, even deadly.