Tips to Preserve Nauset Heights' Environment

The Nauset Heights Environmental Committee has been honored to serve as a voice for Environmental Education for the NHA Association Members, Families, Friends and Environment.

We believe that there is a growing interest in how to preserve our beautiful environment. Many neighbors participate in our successful fall (Spruce Up) and spring (Spring Fling) cleanups. WE have sponsored well-attended events on horseshoe crabs and organic gardening.

We recognize how fragile and vulnerable our land and waters are to the whims of Mother Nature and to the impact of our own actions.

Here are a few things for you to consider and can do to help:

• Recycle or reuse whatever you can.
• Pick up litter.
• Pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the trash.
• Grow a “Cape Cod” lawn. Instead use native plants to landscape your home as they are hardy, require less water and do not need fertilizer or pesticides to flourish.
• Allow grass clippings to remain on the lawn to provide nutrients and reduce the need for fertilizers that degrade our waters. It also limits the use of noisy leaf blowers.
• Keep telephone poles free of weeds to prevent loss of electricity during storms and keep storm drains free of debris to prevent flooding.
• Remove invasive vines such as bittersweet and dispose of them in rash bags. They spread easily and are killing Eastern Red Cedars and other native plants.
• Turn off outside lights at night to enjoy the dark sky's amazing array of stars. Consider motion detecting lights if need be.
• Avoid using spray insecticides that may kill ticks and mosquitos but also kill
important insects such as bees.

For making other suggestions and help from your Environmental Committee, contact Chair, Bill Dunham, or 617-484-5502.

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Dune breach

Dune breach
Dune breach

Dune breach in the wake of tropical storm from Dorian, September 7, 2019. Photo by Ann T.

October 2016 NHA Environmental Committee Updates

The NHA Environmental Committee is pleased to share the following updates:

- Mark your calendars for the FALL SPRUCE UP happening on Saturday, October 15th at 9am. Help keep our beautiful alcove beautiful.NHA Storm Water 2011 001.jpg

- Storm water education sign at Priscilla Landing replaced 

- For all of us who who travel to and from our beautiful haven, you may find this article about the working group examining proposals to ease congestion at the bridges of interest.

Plant a Cape Cod Lawn and Help Save Our Ponds and Estuaries

The Orleans Pond Coalition recommends the following tips to save you time and money while saving our waters. For more detail, see the Town of Orleans Fertilizer Regulations Code: Chapter 103:Fertilizer Nitrogen and Phosphorus Control

 OPC Save Ponds rack card 2016 1.pngOPC Save Ponds rack card 2016 2.png


Orleans awarded $27k from State to Improve Climate Change Resilience at Nauset Beach

The Baker-Polito Administration announced over $1.8 million in funding to support local efforts to prepare for and reduce the impacts from coastal storms and climate change, including storm surge, flooding, erosion and sea level rise. Orleans was one of 19 communities to receive funds.  

Project: Design, Permitting and Public Education in Support of Phased Retreat at Nauset Public Beach, $27,000

Description: The Town of Orleans will survey, design and develop permit applications to enhance dunes and relocate facilities at Nauset Public Beach that are currently vulnerable to coastal storm damage and sea level rise, while maintaining recreation and public access to the shoreline.

The full press release can be found here.

Dune breach

Dune breach
Dune breach

Dune breach in the wake of tropical storm from Dorian, September 7, 2019. Photo by Ann T.