The Nauset Heights Association is governed by Officers and a Board of Directors, whose over-lapping two-year terms of office expire after Annual Meetings held each August. The NHA is pleased to introduce the Officers and Board of Directors who represent a cross section of ages and interests who will honor past traditions of the Association while moving the NHA forward into the 21st century. We want to channel energy and ideas into actions that can benefit our membership as well as our entire community.

Without changing the informal nature of the NHA, we look for areas where we can add our voice to address Town proposals that will impact the future of East Orleans. We hope to work together with other local resident associations on issues of mutual concern, such as road and pedestrian safety, beach access, and improved cable and Internet services. And we want to create some new activities that will attract the next generation of NHA members, like the reintroduction of the Nauset Heights Tennis Tournament and the creation of the Sand Sculpture contest.

The strength of any organization depends on the involvement of its members. Please join
forces with the officers and board by sending us your ideas and comments, and by signing up to help out on one of our Association committees.


  President   Sandy Davidson
  1st Vice President   Dave Strickler
  2nd Vice President   Charlie Carlson
  Past President   Jim Tyng
  Treasurer   Fred Turner
  Clerk   Jeff Larsen
  Corresponding Secretary   Kathy Pattison
  Recording Secretary   King Nelson 









  2017   Meredith Farmer
  2017   Kent Zelle
  2018   Ann Deming
  2018   Tim Hunt
  2019   Nancy Case
  2019   Todd Shipman


Meet the NHA Board Members.